There has never been a better time to attract the best people.

As a social enterprise, the opportunity to work with brilliant people has never been greater. But the landscape is changing. The ease of starting your own organisation, freelancing, or building an alternative career mean the best people increasingly swipe left on standard jobs.

We’re here to help.

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At Worthwhile, We’re obsessive about finding brilliant people in every corner of society and figuring out what makes them tick.

We'll set you and them up to get the best out of each other.


We're on a mission to get the best people from all across society working on our toughest challenges. With over 1,000 applications last year, we're not short on candidates.

Help us find the right roles for them; and help yourself to the best young talent out there!

Submit a job specification and we'll get back to you with some great candidates!

Why Worthwhile Recruitment

Meet brilliant people
We recruit all year round. Our unique partnership with Student Hubs and 5 years building a reputation ensures we meet the best young talent.
We have honed our selection process over 4 years to surface Learning Animals from a wide diversity of backgrounds.
Save time - See CVs now
Skip the weeks of planning a recruitment campaign, furious tweeting and wading through CVs - we've done it for you.
Or top up your existing candidate pool at the last minute. Wherever you are at in your process, you'll want to meet our pre-interviewed, brilliant people, interested in your role.
Designed for value-add
We believe in the quality of our work - and will only take a fee if we directly add value to your recruitment process.
See candidate CVs with no strings attached: No fees, no exclusivity. If you don't hire one of our people, there is no fee. Simple as that.




Your talent mindset is your best asset in building a great team. You need to keep top performers inspired, and act as their career champion.

Our training and career support will keep your Learning Animals well fed.

Benefits of Worthwhile Training

Happier Staff
Top staff devour learning - and thrive when surrounded by like-minded peers. Our approach to training includes the latest research, frameworks and tools. We enable people to learn with a consistent cohort of like-minded peers. Watch your staff satisfaction grow as people get immersed in our training.
Increased Impact
Learning only sticks when people put knowledge into action. Tangible activity is at the heart of our approach to training. We'll support everyone we work with to put their learning into practice in their day to day work. Watch your organisation grow.
Better Talent Management
In an open world, you can't hide external opportunities from your staff. You can build a talent-sticky organisation.
Our training will help staff ask difficult questions about where they want to go long-term. We will push them to articulate what they want and to speak to you about it. Whether it's pushing retention, or helping people leave well, we'll help you find the best outcome for your organisation.