Purpose + Ambition

Are you passionate about making a difference and driven to develop yourself too?

The Purpose Economy means more opportunities for meaningful work. But meaning alone isn't enough. You want opportunities to learn and grow too.

 There are a few things you need early in your career to get ahead:
  • Early responsibility; the chance to stretch yourself and have an impact from the get go
  • A supportive network; not just a great manager, but peers, mentors, and champions too
  • The opportunity to learn and hone your skill set through training, and apply it your day to day work 

Worthwhile Delivers

We offer high quality training, coaching from the Worthwhile team and access to our network of mentors throughout your first year of work

You’ll have a whole community of supporters; peers on the scheme, our growing alumni community, and, of course, the team here at Worthwhile.
 We work with small, innovative organisations that offer challenging roles and the chance to make an impact from the start of your career

Meet the Grads

Current Grads



Project & Research Manager - Social Spider CIC

Describing my day to day work is a near-impossible task. We're a really small social enterprise with an incredibly varied workload. This spans from research into social investment, to writing reports on mental health service innovation and impact measurement. I am also responsible for managing two community newspapers, which involves a lot of community engagement and outreach as well as logistical planning.

I really couldn't recommend Worthwhile enough. It gave me a gateway into employment, without which I would have probably spent a lot more time volunteering and making artisan coffee. I have felt supported the whole way through the process, and have been encouraged to take risks and explore new options.



Projects Officer - Renaisi

For my current job, I carry out evaluations and research projects for charities and local authorities and I also work on the programme management of Big Local, an England-wide, genuinely resident-led community development programme.

Worthwhile is an excellent scheme which supports recent graduates in the transition from student life to work. The range of organisations they work with is really interesting and there’s a great package of support as well as a wonderful community.



Projects Officer - Student Hubs

Day to day I manage various exciting projects that aim to directly have an impact on various issues within our society. Examples of these issues may be Education disadvantage, Gender inequality and Employability. Every day is different, Monday I may have various meetings with colleagues, beneficiaries and stakeholders and Tuesday I may be delivering leadership training to Kingston Students. It is a dynamic role that allows you to develop whilst learning and really use your initiative to develop and make the role a success.

I would recommend Worthwhile as it provides young people with the flexibility to develop themselves as professionals in a supportive, community environment.

Where are they now?



Engagement Coordinator, vInspired

On Worthwhile I worked as the Network Officer at Generation Change, working closely alongside the Director in delivering a range of services and projects for a network of 17 leading youth social action organisations.

Since Worthwhile I have gone on to work for vInspired, helping young people find the right volunteering opportunities for them. I have also launched my own organisation, Progressive Careers, that provides a resource base and mentoring programme to facilitate entry into the social impact sector.

Worthwhile provided me with a network, support and encouragement to pursue a social impact career, as well as significantly a meaningful entry point into the sector.



Policy Manager, Student Minds

On Worthwhile I worked at Student Minds and The University Mental Health Advisers Network. Working at a small charity has allowed me to undertake a wide range of exciting and challenging work. Since finishing with Worthwhile, I have stayed on at Student Minds, working specifically on our policy, through projects and research.

Worthwhile helped lay the foundations for my career. Through the training, meet-ups and resources I have gained confidence within my role. I heard from other graduates about their experiences in a wide range of positions, and from this I learnt alot. The regular training sessions were a brilliant opportunity to develop skills, reflect, and think about the future of my career.



Researcher for Chi Onwurah MP

On Worthwhile I worked in the national team at youth social action charity Student Hubs, where I did lots of event planning, delivered training, and managed volunteers. My big project was working on the national Student Volunteering Week 2016 campaign, thinking of ways to raise the profile of volunteering on campuses across the country.

Since Worthwhile I have had a stint with innovation think tank Nesta, where I drew on my event planning experience to help organise a European policy summit. Now I work in Parliament as a researcher for Labour MP Chi Onwurah, and spend a lot of time reading up on policy issues, drafting speeches, and writing briefings. Working in politics is as chaotic as you might imagine, but I'm loving every minute so far.

About the scheme

Placements | Roles | Training

We offer two routes into the social impact space. Whichever route you choose we promise all roles will be paid Living Wage (or above) and will be in impactful organisations that offer a supportive working environment.
You can decide one route is right for you or keep open minded. Either way the application process is exactly the same.

What to expect: Roles

The beauty of the purpose economy is that anyone can make a difference, in any role. The sector needs everyone; project managers, finance professionals and marketing geeks; developers, fashion experts, and even chocolatiers.
While anything could come up, we typically recruit candidates into the following roles. Role tend to be entry (recent graduate) to junior manager level (2 years experience).

  • Research - either qualitative or quantitative research, this might be around a need or may be to evaluate the effectiveness of a programme or organisation
  • Analysis - drawing conclusions and recommendations from data, usually involved manipulating and using quantitative data
  • Communications - working on an organisation's external communications, this might include Press and PR, using digital tools such as social media and newsletters, looking after websites. It could also include person-to-person communications and events
  • Digital/Tech - developing digital solutions, including websites and apps, for organisations, or looking after their IT systems.
  • Frontline/Service Delivery - working directly with an organisation's beneficiaries. 
  • Business Development/Sales - selling an organisation's product or service to potential customers and growing an organisation's income stream(s)
  • Design - producing any kind of design work, from graphic design, branding, websites.
  • Project Management - usually a mixture of planning and delivering an organisation's key activities, this may include overseeing entire projects or programmes
  • Fundraising - bringing in funds for an organisation, this could be through writing grant applications, building corporate partnerships, encouraging individual donors

'Worthwhile helped lay the foundations for my career. Through the training, meet-ups and resources I have gained confidence within my role. The regular training sessions were a brilliant opportunity to develop skills, reflect, and think about the future of my career.' Rachel Piper, Alumni

What to Expect: Organisations


We work with small, socially impactful organisations. They might not be big names but we think that small, ambitious organisations are an excellent place to start your career. Why?

  • You'll often be offered lots of responsibility and you'll be close to the organisation's impact 
  • You'll have lots of contact with senior staff members
  • You'll get insight across the breadth of an organisation

The organisations we recruit for and placements on offer change from year to year. Here are some of the organisations we've worked with over the last year.

What to Expect: Training

Worthwhile offers 18 days of training over the course one year. Start dates are flexible, so you can start the training at any point and work through the curriculum from that point onwards. 


The programme is designed to give you a grounding in five key areas that anyone working for purpose will need: 

  • Understanding of the sector and social issues
  • How to ensure and measure impact 
  • How to work with others
  • How to get things done
  • How to bring in funds 


Example training topics include: Project Management, Introducion to Finance, Strategy, Using Digital Tools, Introduction to Impact Measurement, Public Speaking, Career Planning and Wellbeing at Work. 


Make it Happen

What we're looking for | application process | FAQs

What we're looking for

We're on the lookout for brilliant people and know they come from all sorts of places. We don't believe in having hard and fast entry requirements. Some of the things that will help you stand out are:

A deep and longstanding commitment to social impact such as voluntary experience, being a social entrepreneur, or working to improve your University or local community.

Achievements and responsibilities that you're proud to have undertaken alongside your studies. Whether it's running an organisation or university society, cycling to China or being a top class musician

You must also be eligible to work in the UK - unfortunately we are not able to sponsor visas for non-EU students.

Our Commitment to Diversity

We encourage applications from anyone (even if you don’t have a degree).


We are an inclusive organisation and welcome applications from all persons regardless of their race, gender, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.


However, as a number of groups are currently under-represented on the scheme, we would particularly encourage applications from students and graduates from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, with a disability, or from a low income family. We would also welcome candidates with a diversity of academic backgrounds, including STEM.


Applications will be considered on merit alone.


As part of our committment to diversity, we offer application coaching to eligible applicants and can accomodate adjustments in the selection process


Application Coaching

Trained volunteers from our alumni community can offer short coaching sessions via phone or skype to support candidates at application and interview stage. Any prospective candidate for whom one or more of the following applies, can request application help by filling in this form;

  • You are from a household with a total income below £42,620.
  • You are from a Black and Minority Ethnic background
  • You have a disability
  • You have not attended university

Reasonable Adjustments

We are committed to ensuring that all applicants have the best chance to succeed in our application process. We can accomodate reasonable adjustments at both application and interview stage. For example: 

  • You are welcome to submit a video application in place of a written application
  • We can make adjustments at interview stage to accomodate any special needs 
  • We can hold interviews over Skype to reduce travel expenses 

Please get in touch to discuss any needs you might have. Anything you share will be kept in strict confidentiality and will not impact your application. 

Email Tasha on: info@worthwhile.org.uk with any questions or to arrange a phonecall to discuss further. 

Application Process

Step 1


Submit an online application. This will help us understand your background, what you could bring to a small social impact organisation and your motivation for applying to the Worthwhile. There is no deadline, and we accept applications year round.


Step 2


You will hear from us whether or not you have been successful in being selected to attend an interview at Worthwhile. We will be hosting interviews throughout 2017.


Step 3 


If you are successful in the interview process we will invite you to be part of our talent pool. The nature of working with small, exciting charities and social enterprises is that we have to match people to placements reactively. This means that gaining a position in the talent pool is not a job offer as such; rather, you will gain access to our exclusive list of placements as they come through, meaning you retain control over which roles you register interest in.

Step 4

If a role comes up that you would like to be considered for, you register interest with us. The organisation will decide whether or not they want to take your application further. If they do, you will be invited to meet them for further assessment. If not, no worries! We’ll keep on sending you the list of placements and supporting you as best we can to find the perfect match.

Step 5

If you are successful in being selected by the host organisation, you will begin working for them full-time from a start date agreed between you and the organisation. If the role is part of the Worthwhile Graduate Scheme, you will have two days of induction training with us and will join the first training day after your start date.

The Worthwhile programme has been fantastic in supporting me through what has been a challenging first year of work. It's also given me the opportunity to meet loads of opinionated and interesting people - meaning training is never boring!" Henna, Current Graduate



When can I apply to the Worthwhile Grad Scheme?

You can apply right now, head to the apply page.

When is the deadline for applications and when will I hear back?

We accept applications at any point in the year and we will hold interview days on a regular basis throughout the year. The deadline to be at our next interview is Midnight Monday 1st May and expect to hear back from us on the 3rd May, and we will be holding interviews on the 20th May and 24th June.

What happens once I'm part of the talent pool?

Once you have registered interest in a placement, the host organisation will make a decision whether or not they want to take your application further. If they do, you will be invited to meet them for further assessment. If not, no worries! We’ll keep on sending you the list of placements and supporting you as best we can to find the perfect match.

If you are successful in being selected by the host organisation, you will be offered a place on the Worthwhile programme.

How long will my role last?

We recruit for both fixed term placements (usually between 9-12 months) and permanent roles. Start dates are rolling throughout the year.

Will I be paid?

You will be paid living wage, London living wage if your placement is based in London (the Living Wage Foundation rate, not the George Osbourne 'living wage'). Some of our organisations also pay more than that too.

Where will my role be located?

All roles are based in the UK and could come up anywhere. However, we see most roles based in Bristol, Oxford, London, Southampton and Winchester. You also decide exactly where you’ll work.

What organisation could I work for?

As a growing organisation, we are constantly expanding the number of innovative and exciting social impact organisations we work with. This year we have graduates working with Action Tutoring, Age UK Oxfordshire, Generation Change, Guideposts Trust, OnPurpose, Oxfizz, Student Hubs, Student Minds, and Renaisi.

What kind of role will I be undertaking?

We do our best to match you with a role that you will find both challenging and rewarding. Available roles are dependent on the host organisations with whom we work each year and we offer a wide variety of roles. We tend to recruit for the following roles - you will be asked to express your top preferences in the written application: Research, Analysis, Communications, Digital/Tech, Business Development/Sales, Design, Project Management, Fundraising, Frontline/Service Delivery

Do I need to have achieved a specific degree to be eligible to apply?

We recognise that academic success is only one indicator of ability to do amazing work. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

Where have previous Graduates gone on to work?

Previous Worthwhile grads have gone on to be promoted within their host organisations, or to work for other organisations such as Oxfam, The Girls Network, the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust, NFPSynergy, Innocent Drinks and the Civil Service. Some of our alumni have even set up their own organisations: Check out Clotho, Monthlies and UniHack.

Is there an age limit for the Worthwhile?

We think that the scheme best suits people who have either just left or are within 1-2 years out of University. However, we are happy to consider all applications.

Do you sponsor visas for non EU students?

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to sponsor visas, nor will many of our partner organisations be in a position to do so. To apply you need to be eligible to work in the UK.